In the winter, thanks to the internet, you can watch a virtual fire burn in a fireplace. That same model is applied to watching grass grow in Boulder, Colo. in the summer.

Watching Grass Grow is not a time-lapse video of grass growing, it is an actual real-time live feed that you can access anytime you need an escape from reality.

Next time someone says - or accuses - you of doing nothing but sitting around watching the grass grow, you can truthfully admit they're right.

For those who think this feed is totally ridiculous, think of the benefits. You can monitor the watering, mowing and fertilizing and other lawn care given to this grass.

Knowing that information may help you take better care of your own lawn. Or, if you don't have a lawn, it could reinforce the decision as a very wise one.

Mister Grass also has several time-lapse videos featuring grass growing, mowing, car washing, snow shoveling, holiday decorating and other chores a typical homeowner does in his or her front yard and driveway in the event your time to watch grass grow is limitied.

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