Just in case you are wondering exactly what it's like to get a COVID-19 nasal swab shoved up your nose, you're in luck.

My friend Dave had to have a COVID-19 test recently and the video and audio evidence leaves no doubt about how unpleasant this necessary test is.

I had heard the COVID-19 nasal test is quite uncomfortable. You can tell by Dave's reaction those rumors are, in fact, true. If I could get through the rest of my life without having this done I would be a happy man, however, I fear this may be a reality that all of us may face sooner or later

The first swab to the back of the throat doesn't seem so bad. However, getting a swab shoved all the way up your nasal passage doesn't appear to be a joyous trip through the Candy Cane forest, and the sea of swirly twirly gum drops. I think Dave would agree.

.According to the University of Texas MD Andeson Cancer Center, this is how the swab testing works. A long stick with a soft brush goes all the way up your nose and is twirled around for a few seconds. The bristles of the brush will collect a sample of the secretions that will be analyzed. Cells and fluids have to be collected from the entire passageway to get a good specimen, which explains why the swab has to go so far back. Obviously, we aren't used to having an object in that area so it does create some odd sensations. It should activate the lachrymal reflex, which means it will bring tears to your eyes if done correctly. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

There are tests that can be performed on other specimen types that are more tolerable than the nasal swab, but they are less sensitive and, consequently, less reliable. Saliva is one specimen that is being explored as a viable option for COVID-19 testing. Initial reports have looked promising, but larger studies are needed to confirm those findings.

What COVID-19 testing looks like in the future - whether it's months from now or a year from now- remains to be seen. One thing I know for sure, after seeing Dave's experience, I am going to be even more vigilant in my efforts to avoid any kind of sickness that would necessitate this kind of a test. I'm pretty sure I could make a long list of things I would rather do than get a long stick shoved up my nose.

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