If you think hacking is just something that happens to computers, you're wrong. These two computer experts were able to remotely hack into a car's computer system and take control of the vehicle.

This remote carjacking was a well-planned experiment to prove the onboard computer systems in automobiles with internet connectivity are subject to hacking just like computers.

The thought of your car suddenly being taken over by someone else while you're driving it is unnerving, even for the driver in the experiment.

What's also distressing is the possibility a car thief may have an easy way to disable a vehicle's security system, unlock the doors and start the vehicle remotely so all they had to do was walk up, hop in and drive away.

How do car manufacturers prevent this from happening? That's exactly what Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, the two hackers, are trying to figure out. They say the systems in new cars may be too interconnected, compromising not just the part of the car that needs connectivity, but the whole vehicle.

So, while all that electronic gadgetry may seem nice, a late model car without all the latest electronics might be a safer car to drive.


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