An armed carjacker was arrested in Jefferson County, Colo. Wednesday (July 23) after stealing three cars during an hour long crime spree.

The suspect was pulled over near Denver while driving with a young woman, but decided to flee the police.

He drove for about 30 minutes until he stopped a couple and stole their car at gunpoint, the man was armed with an assault rifle and a handgun.

The man and young woman fled the stolen vehicle and tried to break into a nearby home. The homeowner called police stating the couple told them their car had broke down nearby. Before fleeing the home, the couple broke a wind in the home.

The police responded to a call for shots fired near by and found the suspects stealing a white truck.

Soon after a television helicopter arrived to catch video of the couple ditching the white truck and wandering through the nearby woods.

As you can see in the video, the couple separated and the woman was caught.

The male suspect is seen trying to steal a dump truck, before walking into a nearby house and stealing an SUV, smashing it through the garage door.

The man gets the SUV stuck near Interstate 70 where he walks onto the highway trying to get into other vehicles.

At this time a motorcycle patrolman tackles the suspect -- with the help of two good samaritans -- waits for backup to take the suspect into custody.

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