One of the many reasons people chose to live in Wyoming is the beauty of nature. Whether it's the view of the mountains or enjoying the wildlife (from a safe distance), there's an obvious reason we call it "Wonderful Wyoming".

Viral video sharing YouTube channel, ViralHog, recently shared a video of a massive elk migration that took place in the Bighorn Mountains, late in 2022. The 1-minute footage was shared with a caption that read:

On November 22, 2022, around 9 am, we were driving up the east side of the Bighorns from Dayton Wy to Burgess Junction Wy and caught sight of a huge herd of migratory Elk descending from the mountain, headed to the lower elevation. If you look closely, most of the bull Elk position themselves amongst the cows for safety. The lead cow is trying to get the herd safely across the highway.

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It's not every day that you get to witness nature at it's finest like this. It is also worth noting that the videographer stayed a safe distance away from the animals. We love when people respect out wildlife, as well as our land.

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