Kyle Clark, a news anchor at Denver television station KUSA, made an unusual apology on the air. It's not the apology that's so unusual, but who the apology was made to that is so compelling.

Clark's experience with a dog left in a car during 90-degree weather caused him to almost break the window to rescue the dog. Instead, he called authorities.

While he was on the phone, waiting for help, the owner of the vehicle came out of a store. Clark politely told the person it was dangerous to leave a dog in a car on a hot day. The owner basically laughed in his face.

Following the incident, Clark went on the air to apologize, not for chastising the owner, but to the dog, for belonging to someone so uncaring.

Like many other towns and cities across the US, Denver has laws which make leaving animals in hot vehicles a crime. In this case, the dog's owner could have been charged with animal cruelty.