Last Saturday's road trip to Arrowhead Mountain Lodge just outside Cimarron, Colorado, came with an unexpected bonus. Watch this amazing flag retirement ceremony conducted by Boy Scouts from Grand Junction.

Somehow or another I've never seen this ceremony performed before. A number of Boy Scouts from Grand Junction made the trip to Arrowhead Mountain Lodge to properly retire a number of worn United States flags.

I regret it wasn't possible to get closer to the fire pit in order to capture better footage. The crowd was asked to remain silent and stay in place during the event. You could literally hear a pin drop.

Kudos to Greg Achord from the Desert Flyer Band. Prior to the official start of the ceremony, Greg performed a remarkable rendition of the National Anthem. I've known Greg for 30 years, and had no idea he could perform the Star Spangled Banner like that.

The footage above would be the first of the flags to be retired. You'll see a number of Boy Scouts lined up to the right side of the screen. Each is in possession of a flag. Each of those flags were retired in the exact manner as shown in the video.

Special thanks to Arrowhead Mountain Lodge for hosting this event. Shortly after the ceremony, the Desert Flyer Band took the stage for an incredibly wacky evening of music and dance.

Flag retirement events such as these are fairly common. Keep in touch with the local Boy Scouts and American Legion for information as to the time and whereabouts of similar events.

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