It has just been reported that the Denver Broncos likely have found the team's next owner, Walmart heir and billionaire Robson Walton.

Who is the Denver Broncos' Most Likely New Owner?

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Robson Walton, or Rob for short, is a 77-year-old billionaire and heir to the Walmart fortune. Walton is the oldest son of Sam Walton, the late creator of Walmart and namesake of the big box goliath.

In addition, perhaps not coincidentally, Walton's cousin is married to Stan Kroenke, owner of the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, and Colorado Rapids.

It has been reported that Walton placed a bid on the Denver Broncos franchise for $4.5 billion and if everything goes as planned, this will be the most expensive sale in sports team history.

Who Else Bid on the Denver Broncos?

Other deep-pocketed potential new owners of the Denver Broncos have been reported as being Josh Harris, a private equity investor that currently owns the Philadelphia 76ers, Todd Beohly who currently co-owns the Los Angeles Dodgers, and other bidders who have yet to be named publicly.

What Will Happen When Walton Owns The Denver Broncos?

From what we can tell, Walton will most likely be the newest owner of the Denver Broncos franchise and here's what NFL head honcho Robert Goddell had to say about the news:

We’re not going to get into any specifics of where the bids are or any of the specific elements of those bids, but I would say, and I made this point today that the cooperation, the communication has been very good between the Broncos and our staff, as well as the representatives of the Broncos. It’s moving forward, and when they get to a completion, we’ll know that, and then we’ll start our process.


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