It's National Picnic Month this month and we're thinking about location, location, location. Help us on our mission to have the most perfect picnic ever by voting for the best place to have a picnic in western Colorado below.

The last time we had a picnic was at Rifle Falls State Park. We were surrounded by waterfalls, chipmunks, and delicious food like cheese, crackers, grapes, nuts, and more. We want to recreate one of our fondest memories with your help and celebrate National Picnic Month all at the same time.

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Vote for the best place to have a picnic in western Colorado below. If you don't see your perfect picnic place, feel free to write it in.

Our perfect picnic poll is open now until 4:59 p.m. on Thursday, July 29, 2021. Be sure to vote before then and we'll be sure to share the results with you.

We've included picnic places from all around western Colorado and we welcome your responses too if they're not on the list. Whether you think the best place to have a picnic is at Sherwood Park right by the radio station Grand Junction, or at 10,000 feet on the Grand Mesa, or maybe with bighorn sheep on the Colorado National Monument, it's up to you.

Vote for the best place to have a picnic in western Colorado so we can celebrate National Picnic Month. We're already picturing the basket placed on our blanket with delectable food inside and thirst-quenching drinks with a beautiful western Colorado view -- it's the most perfect Instagram picture ever.

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