A man hiking in Utah's San Raphael Desert found something he wasn't expecting and it was a dynamite of a discovery.  

The dynamite - the explosive kind - was discovered by the hiker in a deteriorated wooden box wedged in a crevice in some rock. Authorities estimated there were 24 sticks of dynamite.

Because of the age and instability of the explosives, the Emery County Sheriff's Office contacted the Bomb Squad in Utah County to assist with removing the dynamite. They decided rather than risk moving the explosives, they would secure and detonate them on-site.

If you're curious what two dozen old and unstable sticks of dynamite can do, take a look. Then heed the advice of Emery County Sheriff Greg Funk who says,

Old explosives are very unstable and should never be handled. If you discover explosives, do not touch them or attempt to move them."

The Salt Lake Tribune reports this is the second time in less than six months dynamite has been discovered in Emery County. In October 2016, two men salvaging wood from an old building uncovered a bag of dynamite that was safely detonated by the Utah County Bomb Squad.

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