An oil and gas well exploded on April 17 in the town of Firestone, Colo., leaving two people dead and two more injured.

As a result of this catastrophe, Anadarko Petroleum announced they are closing 3,000 wells in Colorado. This particular well, a vertical well, was built in 1993 and the home, which was a recent addition, was only 170 feet from the well. The above video was shot by nearby residents and shows the complete destruction of the home in under fifteen minutes -- warning, the video contains sensitive material.

The closing of these wells, the company states, is a precaution, as the wells they operate are similar to the one that exploded. The wells that are being closed are in the northeast portion of Colorado and will not affect anything on the western slope, but it raises a serious issue.

Just how close should operating wells be allowed to operate around residential areas? The well in question had been dug and set long before the home was built, so should the question be more Should homes be built in close proximity to operating wells?

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