Two reservoirs in Western Colorado have made the best kayaking locations in Colorado list. Both Rifle Gap Reservoir and Harvey Gap Reservoir made the list.

Colorado has lots and lots of places to go kayaking, considering how many lakes, rivers, and reservoirs we have around here. Colorado Parks and Wildlife has created a list of the top seven kayaking destinations in Colorado and the Western Slope made the list.

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Western Colorado isn't just on the list of best Colorado kayaking locations once, the Western Slope is on there twice. Here is CPW's list of the top seven kayaking destinations in Colorado:

  1. Najavo State Park - Arboles
  2. Elkhead Reservoir - Craig
  3. Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area - Salida
  4. John Martin Reservoir - Hasty
  5. Harvey Gap Reservoir - Silt
  6. Pearl Lake - Clark
  7. Rifle Gap Reservoir - Rifle

Harvey Gap Reservoir came in at number five on CPW's list of the top seven Colorado kayaking locations and Rifle Gap came in at number seven. It's great to Western Colorado to get recognized for all of the beautiful outdoor activities we have to offer.

Harvey Gap is in Silt, not too far away from Rifle Gap Reservoir. Harvey Gap Reservoir is 190 acres of pure gorgeousness. According to CPW, boats with motors over 20hp are prohibited, which makes kayaking a lot easier.

Rifle Gap Reservoir, which is in Rifle, is 350 acres and is surrounded by beautiful scenery. I drove past Rifle Gap on the way to Rifle Falls and I all wanted to do was get in the water. Have fun and be safe while kayaking the best kayaking locations here in Colorado, like Harvey and Rifle Gap.

Hiking Rifle Falls

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