Two women that were, unfortunately, senselessly and tragically stabbed to death this week in Colorado are fondly remembered following their passings.

The women that were killed have been identified as 49-year-old Jennifer Gelvin and 33-year-old Katherine Pivoda.

The pair of women were a couple and not only resided in Denver, but were substantially immersed in the city's local music scene as well.

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In fact, Gelvin was a very talented and popular local musician who went by the name Jennifer Gelvin Rouse. On the other hand, Pivoda was an English instructor at the University of Colorado-Denver who was allegedly very well-liked by her students and fellow faculty members.

Both of the women were members of a band called the Fabulous Boogienauts; a band in which both of the women were singers.

The women are survived by two children, 17-year-old Jada and 14-year-old Jaz, who are currently living with an aunt and an uncle in Windsor, Colorado.

The stabbings that proved to be fatal occurred early in the morning on Wednesday, September 29th in the 2200 block of South Marion Street in Denver, Colorado.

It is currently unclear as to why the murders happened, but the estranged husband of Pivoda, 36-year-old Matthew Madden has allegedly been arrested and named a prime suspect in the case.

Madden is currently in custody and is being held in suspicion of first-degree murder in the deaths of the two women. The case is currently being considered a result of domestic violence by Madden that resulted in the deaths of the women.

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