By now, you’ve probably heard about the notorious cult known as the Twelve Tribes, and probably not for anything good they’ve done.

Since its inception, the cult has been accused of racism, sexism, homophobia, and shocking, disgusting child abuse that they carry out on a regular basis.

The Twelve Tribes have delis and compounds across the nation, with locations in Manitou Springs and Boulder, Colorado. The latter is the sect that is known for starting the Marshall Fire.

So, what’s it like to visit the Twelve Tribes’ compound and deli in Boulder? Keep scrolling to find out.

What’s it Like to Visit the Twelve Tribes in Boulder Colorado?

First of all, this story isn’t about the horrible things that the cult has been accused of. However, YouTubers Reckless Ben and Danny Berk infiltrated the cult in Boulder earlier this summer and caught plenty of despicable things on camera that you can see on their respective channels.

I personally visited the Twelve Tribes’ compound outside of Boulder first, which used to have a sign out front welcoming visitors that has since been taken down. Outside the compound, I saw a woman and a couple of little girls dressed as if they were on Little House on the Prairie but when they noticed me walking down the road, the woman brought the little girls to the house and a man came out, giving me a dirty look which prompted me to turn back to my car.

It should also be noted that many of the nearby trees had obviously been burned.

Next, I visited the Yellow Deli on Boulder’s popular Pearl Street Mall. The deli was dimly lit and the predominantly male employees also looked like they came straight out of Little House on the Prairie.

An elderly woman who appeared entirely too old to be working emerged from the kitchen to deliver food to the patrons while the man behind the counter asked about what I was doing and proceeded to share literature about the numerous deli locations across the country as well as the Twelve Tribes itself.

It felt like the cult members knew what I was up to, and perhaps recognized me from any of the previous articles I’d written about them, as once outside I overheard one of the employees talk about how his free samples are how they attracted customers to go inside and although I asked for one, he completely ignored me.

Take a look at these places as well as the literature I received from this notorious cult that is very much active in Boulder, Colorado:

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