Millennials may be leading the 'treat yourself' movement, but there is no question all of us are looking for ways to enjoy a little extra 'me time.'

According to a national survey commissioned by Fort Mason Games, Colorado is one of the leading states in the nation for self-indulgence. When it comes to 'self-love' only the state of Washington was ahead of Colorado. Maryland came in third.

Most of us can probably clearly see the importance of treating ourselves once in a while to something special. It positively affects our mental health, our overall well-being, and helps reduce our stress.

Treating yourself can be something as simple as having alone time, while for some it's the act of doing something with others. It might be buying something you want but don't necessarily need, going out for a special meal, binge-watching a TV show, getting a manicure or a pedicure, taking a mini-vacation, or playing video games.

The survey indicates financial restraints keep some of us from treating ourselves. Nearly half of us feel guilty about doing it, and most of us spend less than $50 when we are doing something special for ourselves.

Apparently, Colorado is doing it better than most other states, but if you haven't joined the crowd, here's an invitation. I would suggest at least once a week you do something special for yourself. Get a Starbucks. Spend 30 minutes playing a video game. Mindlessly scroll through Facebook for an hour (without feeling guilty). Have some tacos. Have a burger.Buy a bag of your favorite chips. Enjoy your favorite candy bar. Take a relaxing hike. Go to a movie. Sleep an extra hour. Stay up an hour longer.

Doing something for yourself regularly isn't being selfish. It's making you a better, happier person - and that's going to be a huge plus for you and everyone around you.

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