Living in Colorado, there are many things that we know we have to deal with and that are simply a part of living in this wonderful part of the world. Wildlife and in particular mountain lions are certainly a part of that and while being aware and always prepared for these encounters is sometimes easier said than done.

Although run ins are rare (even though we seem to be hearing about so many more these days), attacks and deaths are even more rare) When heading out on a trail, it's always good to do a little research on the area and maybe check in with our friends at Colorado Parks and Wildlife for tips, questions and ideas for upcoming outdoor adventures.

CPW recently tweeted out this crazy video captured on a trail cam in Littleton at Roxborough State Park.

Really solid advice from CPW for when hiking in mountain lion country, don't be real quiet (also the case for bears too) make a little noise so you don't surprise them, keep your pets on a leash and your kids close by.

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