A pride of mountain lions is roaming the town.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife has issued a warning for the residents of Edwards, Colorado after 8 to 10 mountain lions have been spotted in town. Over the last few days, several animal carcasses have seen around and at least two dogs have been attacked. "This is a troubling situation and we are very concerned for the safety and welfare of the people in this area," says CP&W Regional Manager JT Romatzke. "We ask everyone to take this warning seriously."

CP&W believe there are two female lions that have a litter of 3 to 4 juvenile lions tagging along. These young lions are hardly babies. They are nearly full grown and appear to be as large as their mother.

It's believed that anywhere from 3K to 7K mountain lions call Colorado home. More lions mean more encounters. CP&W officials remind everyone to be vigilant and keep your pets close.

If you do encounter a mountain lion remember these tips. First, stay calm. Also, standing upright will make you appear larger to the animal. Try to avoid confrontation. Finally never approach or run from a lion, it can trigger their instinct to chase.

Credit: FoxNews

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