I posted a Facebook question last week asking what stores you'd like to see come to Mesa Mall, here are the results.

Arcade/Video Game Store

If you've been in Grand Junction for a few years, you probably remember Aladdin's Castle. I remember going there as a kid very fondly; it was a giant arcade right on the edge of the food court, and according to you, is definitely missed. In fact, Traci mentioned that old school video games are making a comeback, perhaps an arcade in the Mesa Mall should too?

Donnie had a similar idea, though his was more of a store than an arcade. He suggested a "small, locally owned retro game store." He went on to say that "Gamerz Planet wasn't perfect, but it was nice having it around."

Music Store

With the rise in popularity of streaming and downloading music, record stores took a huge hit across the country, with the vast majority of them closing. However, several people commented that they miss FYE in the mall, as well as Hastings which is now a Big 5 sporting goods store.

Sporting Goods Store

Speaking of sporting goods stores, that was another popular response to what the Mesa Mall could use. Michelle said that she misses the now-defunct Sports Authority, while Matthew suggested that a Dick's Sporting Goods should open up in Mesa Mall.

Clothing Stores

Among the responses were quite a few different clothing stores that are missing from the mall. Jennifer suggested Burlington Coat Factory, Cathy suggested Macy's, Leroy wants to see Mervyn's come back, Dody suggested Vans and Robin suggested Torrid.

Asian Restaurant

Another popular response was that Mesa Mall needs a new Asian restaurant. Bluberrii suggested Tokyo Joe's, while Jennifer feels that we need a Panda Express. In fact, while writing the comment she noted that she was almost tempted to drive 400 miles for their cashew chicken.

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