Western Slope on Tap, this Saturday (March 14) is the perfect place to sample over 100 different beers. You're probably not going to be able to sample every one of them, so here are five you should try just because their names sound so funky.

I find myself shying away from unfamiliar beer, especially if the name is odd. But, Western Slope on Tap is a winner because if you don't like something, you're not out the cost of a bottle or six-pack. These are in no particular order so enjoy.

  • Dogfish Head - The brewery is located in Delaware, and is well known for it's India Pale Ales, but it also has a number of seasonal and 'one-off' beers and uses unusual ingredients in some of it's brews. The name comes from Dogfish Head, Maine where founder Sam Calagione spent summers as a child.
  • Funkwerks - This brewery in Ft. Collins, Colo. is most famous for its Belgian-style ales and Saisons. The owners started as homebrewers and founded the company in 2009 using that knowledge to create great craft beer. Two ales are named Deceit and Tropic King which makes you want to try them even more.
  • Third Shift - This award winning beer is brewed by a group called 'Band of Brewers'. The company claims the beer is full of flavor and easy to drink and perfect for after work. The beer is a product of Miller/Coors, but don't let that fool you into thinking it's anything but a great craft beer.
  • Firestone Walker - The name makes you think of great bourbon or whiskey like Jim Beam or Jack Daniels, but this California brewed beer is actually a combination of the last names of the two founders, Adam Firestone and David Walker. This beer promises to be unique, not only in name, but the company uses oak casks to ferment the beer.
  • Woodchuck - This isn't a beer, but a hard cider which many beer lovers overlook. These hard ciders are made in Vermont and are one of the top-selling hard ciders in the country. The product uses only apples and no grains, so it's naturally gluten-free.