Reel to reel tape never made the impact in the consumer market like vinyl albums or other tapes like the 8-track or cassette. But, it wasn't for a lack of trying.

One of the drawbacks to portable reel to reel players is portable meant they could be moved around. But, unlike portable cassette players, which could be plugged in or run on batteries, most reel players could only be used if electricity was available

The unit shown in the video is one of a series of models that were manufactured for Sears under the Silvertone name. This particular unit is a model 3236.

Here's the Reel to Reel Unlatched With the Detachable Speaker Flipped on Top Prior to Removing it to Expose the Player

Sears Silvertone Reel to Reel Player

Reel to reel wasn't the choice of most music listeners, but the commercial applications of reel to reel tape were tremendous, especially when the technology advanced enough the reels could do multi-track recording and playback.

A lot of audiophiles still own and use reel to reel, as do some recording studios, but most contemporary recording and playback is now done digitally.


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