Grand Junctionites just can't live without these three things. They're not going without the Grand Mesa, Palisade peaches or fishing -- ever.

Whenever I asked you on our Facebook, this is what Grand Junction said they can't go without.

Since there are so many great things on this list, I know it was hard to pick. (Trust me, I made the list.) Out of all of these, you could only pick three, so here are the three things that Grand Junctionites just can't live without.

  • Alicia Selin Townsquare Media

    Grand Mesa

    The number one that Grand Junction can't live without is the Grand Mesa. There's so much to do on the Grand Mesa and it's like traveling to a different world. From the beautiful cutthroat trout and grayling to the glowing Aspens, the Grand Mesa is a beautiful place.

  • Ray Michaels Townsquare Media

    Palisade Peaches

    Grand Junction's second thing they can't live without is Palisade peaches. Grand Junction would rather have peaches than wine or beer. These peaches are literally the best I've ever had and doubt any other peach will ever come close. The moment I tried one my life changed forever.

  • Alicia Selin Townsquare Media


    The third thing that Grand Junctionites can't live without is fishing. We have so many different species here in Colorado and just like you, I want to catch them all. Although beer and weed were very close to winning, fishing is the third thing Grand Junction just can't live without.