The Mesa County Search and Rescue ATV team were back in Fruita again on Monday night. This time, they made a rescue at the Colorado National Monument.

Three out of stake hikers were rescued from the Rattlesnake Arches area of the Colorado National Monument. The hikers headed from the Pollock Bench area to the Rattlesnake Arches. As the hikers headed back toward Pollock Bench, they were uncertain of which way they came from, so they tried a different way.

Their new path turned out to "not be a good way out," according to the rescue team's Facebook. It was getting dark and they were in a remote location, the hikers stayed put and called for help. All three hikers were "extracted from the area by ATV," according to the search and rescue team.

This is not the Mesa County Search and Rescue ATV team's first time in this area, They advise:

The distance, remoteness and harsh environment are factors to consider if you visit this area.

The Mesa County Search And Rescue ATV team recently made a trip to Fruita on Friday night. They rescued two out of stake bikers from the North Fruita Desert Recreation Area.

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