Whether we'd care to believe it or not, a lot of people are moving to Colorado because - duh - it's a really great place to live. It also has a lot of green attractions (all kinds, wink wink), making it an alluring place to start a fresh new life. But while a lot of people are moving to Colorado, it turns out one particular city is actually losing about as much people as are coming in.

From 2014 to 2015, Denver added the second-highest percentage of residents (9.44%) to its population, according to Abodo's recent report "So Long to the City." During that same span, it also lost 9.25% of its residents - also the second-highest percentage in the United States, but for population lost.

It's easy to assume that people are escaping expensive coastal life for cheaper landlocked options like Denver, Austin, or Nashville, says 5280.com, but with the significant increase in average rent Denver has experienced in recent years, the loss in population also suggests gentrification is at play, compromising the ability to make ends meet for middle- and working-class people in Denver.

What do you think? Are some natives and longtime residents unable to "make it" in Denver (or other Colorado cities) because too many affluent people are moving here? Comment below or email me your thoughts.

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