Who doesn't love a gondola ride? Colorado is now home to the fastest and longest 10-passenger gondola rides in the entire country. Here's where to find it.

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New Colorado Gondola Ride Is The Fastest And Longest In The United States

Colorado has a few different popular gondola experiences across the state, and not all of them are for skiing purposes. One that comes to mind for me the quickest, because I'm pretty sure it was the very first gondola I'd ever ridden, is at Water World in Federal Heights, Colorado. If you've been to "America's Largest Water Park," you've likely taken a ride from the top of the park down to the Fun House (now known as Alpine Springs). This particular gondola is not the longest, or fastest. In fact, it's pretty short and incredibly slow. Colorado's newest gondola ride though? Quite the opposite...

Wild Blue Gondola In Colorado

Less than one month ago, "section one" of the all-new "Wild Blue" gondola ride made its debut at the Steamboat Resort. These new 10-passenger gondolas not only provide a longer more scenic view of the gorgeous Steamboat Resort when "section two " opens in late 2023, or early 2024, it'll be transporting guests at the fastest speeds not just in the U.S. but the fasted speeds in all of North America. 7 meters per second might not sound that fast, but you won't currently find a faster gondola anywhere close by. Check out this video of "Wild Blue."

Video Of Wild Blue Gondola At Steamboat Resort In Colorado

When both sections are complete in the 2023-24 winter, it'll be North America's longest gondola ride so there will be plenty of time to soak in those amazing Colorado mountain views.

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