A talking bird is just one of the cool things you can find for free on Craigslist in Grand Junction. Here is a look at this month's best free stuff in Grand Junction.

  • TRUCK CAMPER:  9 1/2' RD hasn't been used for at least 15 years, but free if you move it. Comes with camper manual and jacks. Actually, mice HAVE been using it.
  • RIVER ROCK: All you have to do is gather up the rocks and they are yours. The ad says, "tons" of them.
  • TALKING BIRD: The bird is three years old, healthy and loves kids. No word on whether or not it gives advice.
  • VENETIAN BLINDS: 3 oak finish blinds of various sizes. They are free, but you are more than welcome to hand over a "ten or twenty....or not."
  • FIREWOOD,2 X 4s and 4x4s: You haul it and it's yours. It won't be long until you're gonna be lighting that fire, so you might as well stock up now.
  • KENMORE STOVE: Works but needs a power cord, so for about 20 bucks you're in business. It's white, so it will go just fine with your green refrigerator and black dishwasher.
  • KING SIZE MATTRESS: It looks decent --and it HAS to be better than sleeping on the floor.
  • TREADMILL: Seems like there is always exercise equipment available, but we aren't sure why. It says the belt sticks a bit but probably can be adjusted. They will deliver it for $15. For an extra $5 they might even exercise for you.
  • RECLINING SOFA: It's leather and could use a good cleaning but has some potential. It does look a little worn, but throw a blanket over it and you'll never know the difference.


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