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If you have a golfer or two on your shopping list, you're in luck because there are some really cool and unique gifts out there.

Before I tell you about these great gift ideas, let me tell you what you shouldn't buy for the serious golfer on your list. Shoes, balls, and clubs are things golfers generally want to buy for themselves because of their personal preferences. Some of us are less particular when it comes to balls, but some golfers will only play with one particular brand.

So with those few items off the board, there are still plenty of great gifts for golfers they will love - and won't break your bank.

This is a great gift if you know their favorite football team. At 62", this thing provides great protection for two people from the rain or the sun. It's a super-nice gift for under $40.

It's happened to every golfer. You get to the end of the round - and sometimes it's the next time you play, and you realized you've left a club out on the course. Having a club labeled removes all doubt who it belongs to, and increases the chances of getting your club back. For less than $10 you can't beat the price.

This gift set is cool because it has things every golfer can use, regardless of their ability including a towel, club brush with groove cleaner, foldable divot repair tool, and a golf tee holder - all for under $20.

For the golfer who likes to enjoy some refreshments on the course, this 10 oz. flask is just the thing. It comes with a couple of shot glasses and a funnel - and will cost less than $25.

Okay, so maybe this one isn't for the serious golfer, but it sure would be a fun gift to watch them open. You can actually putt it and 'go' at the same time. It comes with the putting green, balls, a putter, a flag - and even a "Do Not Disturb'' door hangar- all for less than $15.

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