We don't really know for sure if grasshoppers even watch football, but if they, this one is definitely a Denver Broncos fan.

This blue and orange Bronco-hopper was spotted near Western State Colorado University in Gunnison and it looks an awful lot like there's a connection to the Broncos.

The Dactylotum bicolor is less technically known as a rainbow grasshopper, painted grasshopper, and even less technically as a barber pole grasshopper. Typically, these colorful jumpers are found in North Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico so this guy apparently jumped onto a northbound train and got off in Colorado.

This particular species of grasshopper is actually similar to last season's Denver Broncos' offense - it can't fly. Ouch! That one hurt.

I can't say I have ever called a grasshopper beautiful, and I'm not about to start now, but I will say this thing looks pretty cool, and anything wearing Bronco colors is all right by me.

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