But even if I did hike Fourteeners, I wouldn't look this cute doing it. Only in Colorado... We love a good four-legged Instagram follow, and this is for those of us who love pretty mountains and cute animal content (like a dog that is also a mayor), though we're a little ashamed he out-hikes us.

According to OutThereColorado, of Colorado's over 50 Fourteeners, Oliver, a hiking ferret, has climbed 11, 'including Sherman, Lincoln, Bierstadt, Huron, Quandary, Grays, and Torreys.'

The Denver Post's The Know also featured the ferret, whose owner is Lauren Smith, a paramedic in Denver. I may never hike a Fourteener myself, but I did just follow him at @hikingferret.

He's even made it to the top of Colorado's tallest peak.

And enjoys Colorado beer and a good read.

You can read more about Oliver on OutThereColorado, The Know or just give him a follow, too.

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