The Grand Junction Rescue Mission offers people who need it a warm bed for the night, out of the elements. Someone forgot to tell the bedbugs they weren't invited.

The rescue mission also gives them a place to worship on Sunday, which is part of the agreement those who stay have to agree to. But with the invasion of the nasty little things, is the mission now in jeopardy to close?

Not at all. Bedbugs can be killed through fumigating. Removing everything, beds included, to rid the place of the nasty things.

Bedbugs prefer dark warm places to live and hatch, feeding on human blood and leaving marks on their hosts to show they have been there. And while bedbugs are known to carry human pathogens, they do not seem to carry diseases.

Both pesticides and nonpesticides are used to combat them, but nothing seems to be 100 percent successful in getting rid of them.

Some predators exist to combat them, but who wants more spiders, cockroaches and other insects to hang around, just to eat the bedbugs? Yeah, no.

Since they have been around since the fourth century, chances are they are here to stay.

We just hope they quit staying at the Grand Junction Rescue Mission.

Source: KJCT

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