Hundreds of 'Nutcracker' hopefuls were disappointed when it was announced Thursday morning that Moscow Ballet had to cancel the Grand Junction performance of "The Great Russian Nutcracker" due to dangerous road conditions. But, what is the real reason the show was canceled?

The "official" word from the Nutcracker folks was that the show was canceled due to "dangerous road conditions and weather advisories."  It's true, road conditions in much of Colorado have been hazardous this week because of some serious winter weather. But, there may be one other reason why the show couldn't go on.

According to the Denver Post, the Grand Junction show was canceled because the buses in Wyoming wouldn't start in minus 31-degree temperatures. I would say that is a pretty good reason. Welcome to winter in the midwest.

That reminds me - I need to check the battery in my truck. It's been starting a bit on the sluggish side lately with overnight temperatures dipping close to the teens. Of course, if my truck happens to not start one of these frigid early mornings, the only ramifications are that I'm late for work - I won't have to cancel the show.


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