On Thursday (June 14), Country Jam concertgoers behaved themselves very well with one notable exception.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office says they didn't have any assaults on officers, didn't find any fake ID's,  and no false reports were filed. The first day was pretty mundane.

The exception is a problem that plagues Country Jam every year, under age possession and consumption of alcohol. Here are the number of minors caught Thursday as compared to the same day in 2017 (in parentheses).

  • At Festival - Minor in Possession/Alcohol Offenses 9 (15)
  • At Campground - Minor in Possession/Alcohol Offenses 15 (27)
  • In Parking Lots - Minor in Possession/Alcohol Offenses 0 (1)

The number of offenses in all these areas are significantly less than in 2017, but even one is one too many.

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