The Birth of a Nation. That is what we celebrate every 4th of July. Not just a Nation, but our country. It was on this date two hundred and thirty seven years ago, that the men that were our founding fathers, decided to get together and sign the Declaration Of Independence. Here are some interesting facts about that document and what it took for us to actually be a free standing nation that is The United States of America.The Declaration Of Independence declared our freedom and what our fore fathers believed were "inalienable rights" of every man. They declared Our Independence from a King that ruled, taxed and decided what would happen to us from across the ocean.Of course much more was to come to make us a nation. Many men in this young country when to fight for our freedom. Many of them died. Many of them were what we now consider children, but in those days they worked, had great responsibilities and were proud to fight for what they believed in.

Everyone knows the name John Hancock. John Hancock didn't just have the largest signature on the Declaration of Independence, he was the first to sign.

Jack of All Trades Benjamin Franklin was instrumental in America's Independence Movement. He worked with France to get the small United States revolutionary army aid from France, who was a world power back then. Benjamin Franklin was the oldest to sign the document. He was 70.

The Father Of Our Country, George Washington,  was not a part of the Declaration Of Independence at all. But two future presidents were among the signers, you will find the signatures of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson at the bottom.

In a strange twist of fate, both of the presidential signers, Adams and Jefferson, died on the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence -- July 4, 1826.

So there you have some trivial facts to amaze your friends with this, our 237th anniversary of being The United States of America! Please celebrate safely as the 4th of July is also our Most Dangerous Holiday in regard to emergency room visits.

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