Prom season is here and some guys feel they have to come up with the most creative way possible to ask ask a girl to be his date for the big event. Stefan Montana enlisted the help of actor Bryan Cranston to help him ask a girl out in true 'Breaking Bad' fashion.

If you're a fan of the the television show and Cranston's character Walter White aka Heisenberg, this might seem like a great way to ask a girl out to the biggest school dance of the year.

It's awesome to have someone as famous as Bryan Cranston helping you ask a girl out. It's also kinda freaky he does it as White/Heisenberg with a warning that would make it difficult to refuse.

However, If the girl didn't know Stefan Montana very well and her parents became aware of this rather odd way of asking for a date, they might be inclined to request a restraining order against him.