Prom season is upon us and dinner reservations are being made. How about a candlelight dinner for two with desserts for just 10 bucks total? If you go to Central or Palisade High school, then McDonald's has the deal for you!

Springtime is here and young hearts have turned to thoughts of the biggest dance of the year in high school. Aside from renting a limo, getting a spectacular dress or snappy tux, dinner reservations have to be made. The McDonald's restaurant in Clifton is offering a $10 candlelight prom dinner special for Central and Palisade students. The $10 cost gets the couple two combo meals off of the McDonald's menu, served to you by waiters and waitresses in a candlelight romantic setting. The cost even includes two desserts once you're finished with your meal.

The idea came about after McDonald's managers decided to have a "romantic" dinner for Valentine's Day at the restaurant. They shut off a portion of the restaurant and decorate it with mood lighting and prom style decorations. They even play prom style music to set the mood. The meals are served on plastic plates with fancy glasses, and lit candles on all of the tables. The managers or other employees serve as your waiters and waitresses. The Valentine's Day special was such a hit with the students, that the managers were asked if they would be doing it for prom also.

This limited prom romantic dinner special is only available for students of Central high school and Palisade high school and they are not aware of any of the other McDonald's in the Grand Valley offering this dinner special. Reservations are limited due to the space available, so you must call and make your reservations as soon as possible.

To make reservations for the prom candlelight dinner at the Clifton McDonald's, call them today at 970-434-9190 and ask for a manager.

This is much more romantic then when I went to prom, we just went out for pizza!