A lot of contemporary fashion trends are taking a step back to the elegance and style that were iconic in the 1940s and 1950s. Prom wear is no exception.

Take a look at how we're starting to come full circle when it comes to getting dressed up for prom.

Too bad they didn't feature prom fashions from the 1960s, although much of the early 60s followed the fashions of the 50s and the rest of the 60s was a hodgepodge of different styles.

I went to high school in the 1970s and attended prom twice. The first year I was decked out in a stylish baby blue tuxedo, with big wide lapels and a wonderful ruffled front shirt just like the guy in the video. Not quite disco, but close enough. The next year, my date felt a more conservative brown tuxedo was the way to go.

After watching this video and reflecting on my own prom, it's refreshing to see floor length dresses and sharp looking suits and tuxedos the most popular formal wear for prom wear this season. Guess I went to high school prom a few decades too early.