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A teen out of Boulder, Colorado is currently working on becoming Colorado's first female Eagle Scout.

The Boy Scouts of America has traditionally been for, well, boys, but Tegan Bartholomew Brown has joined the organization and has been so dedicated that she may very well be the first female Eagle Scout that Colorado has ever had.

Brown started as a Girl Scout but became jaded with the organization and as a fan of the outdoors, yearned to do similar things as her brother was doing in what was then known as the Boy Scouts of America, which is now known as Scouts BSA. Because of this, she joined the organization and has been working non-stop to earn badges and merits since she was 13 years old.

Now, Brown is not only working toward the highest honor in the Scouts BSA, but is encouraging other young girls to follow suit:

At its core, Eagle Scout is about leadership. I’m trying to set an example for the younger girls. I want them to see they can do this. There’s so much to be learned in the process of becoming an Eagle Scout. I really like what the Boy Scouts do. I really care about the outdoors and conservation. I love being up in the mountains. I want to do something to make a difference with that ecosystem that’s meant so much to me.

Brown's Eagle Scout project involves her work with Rocky Mountain Therapeutic Riding Center, as well as demonstrating "scout spirit," where she will be taking on leadership roles in the organization.

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