There are so many restaurants in Grand Junction, sometimes it's hard to just pick one. But, everyone has their favorites and these are yours. These are your top three favorite restaurants right here in Grand Junction.

When it comes to food, we're only talking about the best of the best. I asked you to share your favorite restaurant with us and you shared away. Here are the best restaurants in Grand Junction:

Bin 707 is your number one favorite restaurant in Grand Junction and it's easy to see why. The owner and chef of Bin 707, Josh Niernberg, is one of the best chefs here in Colorado. I feel like the 'Bin burger' is basically a celebrity in Grand Junction.

I was honestly surprised that Texas Roadhouse came in as Grand Junction second favorite restaurant. It's not because it's not good, I just expected a local restaurant to be #2. I wouldn't mind a steak and some delicious rolls from Texas Roadhouse right about now.

There's a tie for the third best restaurant in Grand Junction. Warehouse 2565 and Las Marias are tied as your third favorite place to eat. There were lots of comments about how great Maria and her staff. It's nice to have great food but it's even better to have great food and great people running the restaurant.

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