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The COVID-19 fight of 2020 continues, it seems like this is the neverending battle but I really hope it ends soon. According to KDVR, just yesterday, Monday, December 8th members of other Town of Parker Council passed a resolution unanimously in opposition to Colorado Governor Jared Polis' administration restrictions when it comes to COVID-19.

As we all know it's not just this one small town in Douglas County, there are many business owners across the state that are not happy with the restrictions they are having to navigate just trying to keep their business open in hopes of creating some sort of profit.

This specific instance started in Parker, Colorado after their mayor, Mike Waid wanted to show support for the small businesses in the community. At this point, the mayor and the town council are now demanding that the dial be moved from the current level red down to level orange.

The mayor for Parker went on to say,

"We, as the local government, understand what our local businesses and restaurants and churches are going through."

The mayor also said these current restrictions are unfair.

While it's nice to see the local government supporting the struggling local businesses, unfortunately, they don't have the power to remove the restrictions that are already in place by our state governor.

Obviously, this is a hot topic and you will find people that are very opinionated when it comes to COVID-19 restrictions. Restaurant managers in Parker say they would be happy with 50% capacity right now, but currently, that is not allowed by the COVID-19 restrictions.

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