[Thursday January 24th, 8:16 AM] The USGS has since downgraded the magnitude of the earthquake to a 3.9.

The USGS is reporting that there was an earthquake thirty-five miles east south-east of Moab, UT -- people are saying they could feel it here in Grand Junction.

The 3.9 magnitude earthquake could be felt here in Grand Junction, the USGS states that the earthquake happened around 9:45 PM 35 miles east south-east of Moab, UT.

Historically the Grand Valley area has had two earthquakes similar in size. According to the USGS website:

The largest historical earthquakes were a M4.4 in 2000 near the Paradox Valley in western Colorado and a M4.3 in 1953 near Green River, Utah. The M4.4 earthquake in 2000 and many smaller earthquakes in the Paradox Valley were induced by brine injection in deep wells.

We will keep you informed as further information comes in.

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