Like many rock stars who do good deeds behind the scenes, Stevie Nicks doesn't talk much about her regular visits to military hospitals to check in on injured soldiers.

But on her latest album, 2011's ‘In Your Dreams,’ Nicks sings a haunting duet with her fellow Fleetwood Mac bandmate Lindsey Buckingham called ‘Soldier’s Angel.’ And in her recent documentary -- also titled 'In Your Dreams' -- Nicks, in between bouts of promoting her record, visits some of those injured soldiers.

In an exclusive interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Nicks talks about the inspiration she puts into and gets out of her hospital visits. "You can't have an opinion . . . all you can do is support what's happened," she says of the injured soldiers. "It's not about the war at that point. It's just about the kids who came home from the war."

Nicks talks about her chats with the soldiers and how the details of their conversations aren't something to be shared with anyone else. "You talk to them, and they tell you their stories," she says. "You don't tell anybody what they say. You can't."

You can watch our exclusive interview with Nicks above.

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