In a year where nothing has been normal, you might as well get an early start on Christmas.

That's exactly what we thought when we decided to flip to continuous Christmas music from now through Christmas day. There's no question we could all use a little Christmas cheer and some peace on Earth and goodwill toward men.

Of course, it just wouldn't be 2020 unless we had some disagreement on the proper way to proceed. Whether it's about how to handle the pandemic, whether or not to wear a mask, who won the election, or is it too early for Christmas music the one thing that defines us in 2020 is our disagreement.

The fact is, there is no right or wrong here. It's a completely subjective matter.

Let's face it, a lot of people think playing all Christmas music before Thanksgiving is too much too soon. As much as they may enjoy the sounds of the season, they just can't bring themselves to dive in until the calendar says December.

On the other side of the coin is a lot of people who love Christmas music, they want it all the time during the holiday season and they want it right now. There is something comforting and soothing about it, especially in the times we are living in. We have seen such disharmony and anger in our country in the last 12 months, the holiday season seems like the one thing we can essentially come together on without being mad.

Having said that, the reality is KOOL 107.9 is now Grand Junction's Christmas station from now until Christmas day and we will wear that banner gladly and proudly. We are going to be here to provide an "escape" for those who are feeling stressed about the pandemic, their children, holiday shopping, and financial worries. We'll provide a measure of comfort and joy during an extremely difficult time.

Nobody says you have to listen every hour of every day. It's like medicine. You take the amount that's right for you and at just the time you need it. Somedays you may need more than others, while other days you might not want any at all. It's all good. But, when you do listen what we can assure you is you'll hear the best Christmas music of all time.  The familiar voices of Bing Crosby, Nat "King" Cole, Brenda Lee, Gene Autry, and Elvis will be mingled with contemporary artists like Amy Grant, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, Michael Buble' and countless others. You'll hear a mix of secular favorites as well as the familiar religious carols that are are a huge part of the celebration. Some songs will be happy and bright, while others will be more somber and thoughtful.

We hope you will visit us often and listen as much as you can. Take a break if you need to, and come back later when you are ready for more. If you don't have the KOOL mobile app, get that thing on your phone so you can listen any time any place.

We want to be a bright light in the community this holiday season spreading good cheer, hope, and love. We may be divided on the virtues of fruitcake and figgy pudding, but, I think we can come together on the stuff that really matters. Let's make a point to be kind to strangers this holiday season, generous to those in need, and love our friends and family more than ever. I think the music we send out across Western Colorado through the KOOL Continuous Christmas can play a role in making that happen.

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