Folks have been calling wondering what the smokey haze is coming from across the Grand Valley.

According to the Upper Colorado River Interagency Fire Management office, the smoke in the valley is coming from the Pacific Northwest fires.

Multiple fires across Utah and the Pacific Northwest are causing a haze to drift across Western Colorado and the agency has confirmed that while there are agricultural burns underway there are, "none large enough to cause the smoke concentrations" we're currently seeing.

The good news is weather patterns and jet streams should be pushing it out in the next few days.

They also recommend,

For those individuals who are sensitive to smoke and experiencing discomfort they are encouraged to consult with their doctor and take precautions that will minimize their exposure.  Those precautions include limiting outside activity and closing windows during smoky periods.

Fore more information on wildfire smoke and health check out the Colorado State Public Health Department.


Andrea with UCRIFM just confirmed,

that there are no fires I can pick up in Utah.  In my research yesterday someone mentioned Utah as a smoke source (I think because the satellite picked up what looked like smoke there) but at this time I see no recorded fires.

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