"Attention to detail" is probably not something this guy needs to put on his CV.

Authorities in suburban Phoenix have arrested a man for his role in connection with a slew of robberies after they found his resume in one of the burglarized homes and his cell phone in another.

Erin Sullivan, 39, was quite the prolific thief, having swiped more than a quarter of a million dollars worth of goods from residences in the last month.

His crime spree came to a screeching halt after he robbed a home last month and helped himself to $15,000 worth of jewelry. Police investigating found a binder the homeowner didn't own and inside of it was Sullivan's resume.

Sullivan has a long and checkered history with the law and officials soon realized he had a hand in several other robberies in the region, including one where he stole $200,000 worth of items. His fatal flaw? He left his cell phone behind in the house.

Police hauled Sullivan downtown. He's been charged with theft and several counts of burglary.

For his own good, he'd better update that resume to explain the two-to-three-year gap without a job he'll have while incarcerated.

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