This is a dreaded question in almost all relationships, "how many people have you slept with?" Are you even suppose to ask that and if so, do you have to answer?

Elite Daily had couples answer that question in this video above and to no one's surprise, most couples were reluctant to answer such a simple, but potentially deadly question.

What's the point behind this question anyway? To see if your partner is indeed the angel you hoped they were. Or maybe you just want to know if their potential promiscuity lead to a dreaded STD.

If you're asking to find your partner's true number, you could be asking for trouble. The number could be extremely higher than you anticipated, leaving a bad taste in your mouth. Or you'll fear they are too inexperienced for you.

If you worried about a STD, maybe phrase the question a little differently, let your partner know the past is the past, you just want to make sure the past didn't tag along for the long haul.

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