I'd like to introduce you to someone, well more like somewhere. Okay, it's a few somewheres. In honor of National Singles Awareness Day (Feb. 15), these are a few places for singles to meet around Grand Junction.

You can meet all kinds of singles at these places in Grand Junction. Single students, hikers, drinkers and smokers unite -- singles, meet your special singles spaces.

The Gym

Obviously, there are some good looking people that go to the gym, just based on the picture above and from personal experience. When you meet someone at the gym, you know they care about themselves and enjoy taking care of themselves. Plus, if you ever got caught between a rock and a hard place, they could help you get out. (Because of their gym-given strength.)


There's quite a few wineries, breweries, distilleries and dispensaries to choose from in Western Colorado. When you meet someone at one of these places you know they enjoy doing the same thing you do. And imagine, you no longer have to drink that bottle or smoke that joint alone, now you've got someone to share it with.

Trails on Trails on Trails

Trails are another thing Western Colorado is definitely not short on. Whenever you run into someone, possibly the love of your life, on a trail, it's no coincidence. Your path and their path were meant to cross. There's no running into people on accident on a hiking trail.

Natural Foods Store

Meeting your next partner at a natural food store shows you that they eat well and they care about the quality of the food they eat. Also, that they can afford to shop at a natural food store. There are a couple of natural foods stores to choose from in Grand Junction alone.

Colorado Mesa University

Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction has over 11,000 students enrolled. People of all ages attend school here and the population is pretty evenly split between males and females. That's thousands of opportunities to meet that someone special.

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