A trailer full of fossils was stolen on Sunday in Denver a mineral and fossil show. The fossils include a shark, gar, and stingray and are worth over $100,000.

A 20-foot silver trailer was stolen from the Crown Plaza Convention Center in Denver on Sunday. The trailer belongs to GeoDecor, was stolen during the Colorado Mineral and Fossil Fall show. The trailer has 13 fossils in it, which are worth more than $100,000.

One of the fossils was a 92-million-year-old shark fossil, which a museum was going to purchase for $50,000. This fossil was especially special because shark skeletons rarely fossilize because they are composed of cartilage, according to the president of GeoDecor.

  • The fossilized skull of giant Cretaceous predatory fish from Kansas - $20,000
  • Fossil garfish in a limestone matrix - $18,000
  • Fossil stingray and fish in limestone matrix - $11,000

According to KDVR, both the gar and stingray fossils are 51-million-year-old Eocene treasures from Wyoming. Apparently, if someone returns the trail with the contents intact, no charges will be pressed against them.

I'm not sure why anyone would steal this. Obviously the fossils are extraordinary although they're valued at over $100,000, they're still priceless. I don't know how the thief plans to make money from this, considering trying to sell these would be a huge red flag.

See the super cool pictures of all of the stolen fossils here.

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