One complaint we often hear from women is that their man doesn't listen to them. What they fail to realize, the secret is to first get the man's attention. Take a look at these seven phrases that men supposedly want to hear that will definitely grab their attention.

Sometimes a simple "I love you!" is all it takes for the man and woman to re-connect and get on the same wave length. But, sometimes those familiar words fall on deaf ears.

For what it's worth, Redbook has some advice for women that should help get the man's attention. Here's seven phrases the man wants to hear from his woman.

1) "Thank You"
2) "I'm so proud of you"
3) "I think that woman was checking you out."
4)"Let's turn this into a bet."
5)"You need to go to bed."
6)"Meet me at the bar"
7) "I'm flashing back to the last time we had sex."

There are the Redbook phrases.

Below are the lines that mean more to me than anything when I hear them from my wife - and they definitely grab my attention. Here's the Zane Mathews phrases:

1) "I love you, you know."
2)"Thanks for marrying me."
3) "You're my best friend."
4) "You wanna fool around?"
5) "What do you want for dinner?"

I'm all ears!



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