Science is telling us that sleeping naked is good for you. All I can say is that it better be some pretty compelling evidence.

Some people do. Some people don't. According to one survey, only about one in ten sleeps in the nude. And, although my sleeping habits are nobody's business, I will freely tell you that I am not that one.

Now, I will say that I hate being in bed with something on my legs - and can only do that in extreme conditions. But, wearing a loose jammie shirt - for me- is more comfortable than not wearing one. Plus, since we always have the ceiling fan going --regardless of the weather or the time of  year -- not wearing a shirt can get a bit nippy.

The strongest argument in favor of nude sleeping is from the  American Academy  of Sleep Medicine, which says your body temperature naturally drops when you sleep deeply. Wearing pajamas could interfere with this process, and consequently your body's sleep cycle could be disrupted. This is also linked to insomnia. If you aren't able to cool down naturally, you may not be able to reach deep sleep.

Another supposed benefit of sleeping naked is reduced belly fat. According to the Huffington Post, when  your body cools down at night, growth hormones increase while cortisol decreases which result in healthy sleep patterns. If your sleep gets interrupted by uncomfortable pajamas, more cortisol will be produced which increases your appetite --and the accompanying belly fat.

Well, I'm all for getting a good night's rest - and reducing my belly fat - but I'm not sure that I'm ready to take the plunge and dive into nude sleeping. Holy Cow, I've been sleeping with clothes on for over 50 years. I feel comfortable wearing something. Old habits can be extremely difficult to break. But, who knows, maybe I will give it a try sometime.

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