Road rage is no joke here in Colorado. It's so strange how many angry birds are out there driving around.

According to the Colorado State Patrol, they are able to track complaints through its *CSP program.

Here we are at the end of July and already this year Colorado Springs police have received just about 700 calls.

That's averaging around 100 calls a month due to road rage. We all know there's more than that too. People drive off before someone gets their plate numbers and/or they take off before the cops arrive, and some just don't report someone's rage.

CSP is a tool for all of us to use if we need to report road rage, instead of getting in an altercation. Squabbling with a stranger can be dangerous and more times than not it can turn into a horrible situation as some have experienced.

Some have been seriously hurt, shot and found dead.

If you're the one with a temper while you drive. It's not worth it. You can lose everything over really nothing.

Just take it easy on the roads and use the CSP tool to your advantage.


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