Dallas Creek is a favorite place at Ridgway State Park to hand launch watercraft because you can drive right to the shoreline, unload, and be on the water. The shoreline is now off-limits to vehicles. And strange as it sounds, that's good news.

Sure, you'll have to park in the Dallas Creek Bay View parking lot and carry your gear to the water, but it's only temporary and that's part of the good news.

Water levels in Ridgway Reservoir are still rising and Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials want to protect the vegetation and the shoreline until the levels drop.

That rising water is the other part of the good news. There was enough snow last winter to fill the reservoir which guarantees plenty of water all summer for fun seekers.


The campgrounds at Ridgway State Park are close to full almost all summer, but I still managed to score one of a few remaining campsites for Labor Day weekend today (July 12). So, advance camping reservations are highly recommended regardless of days.

For more information, call 970-626-5822 or visit the Ridgway State Park website for park pass and camping fees and availability.

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